Crystal Healing by Quartz Hands 2 Halo


About Crystal Healing

Find your inner peace with Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is the use of various crystals made of different elements and minerals, which can be used to produce many different healing effects. Using focused intent, a crystal creates its own energy field, within and around it, which can be passed onto the person using the crystal, to bring about healing. Different crystals can be used for different issues, but the more a crystal is used for healing, the stronger its energy will become with that person.

The therapist using crystals for crystal healing treatment, will cleanse and charge the crystals used after every treatment, ready for your treatment, so they are freshly cleansed for each person. 


Session Information & booking

Use the buttons on each service to take you through to our personal booking system. Once you're booked in, we will send you a confirmation of your booking. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your Crystal Healing Session

This is a crystal healing session using a combination of crystals and universal energy healing to balance the chakras and bring balance back to mind, body and spirit.

Perfect for those needing a less invasive treatment to bring help during difficult times, ease stress and anxiety or physical healing for the body.


Chakra crystals specifically for you are placed within the chakra area, to remove any energy blocks that may be stuck, then an aura cleanse is completed, to heal and repair the aura to bring peace and harmony back to the body and mind.


Suitable for everyone, including pregnancy, fragile and particularly those with mental health concerns. 

£35 per session


Why Choose Crystal Healing?

Crystals are formed underground within the earth, from three dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. Made up of different minerals and magma from the earths core, the process of heating, cooling and displacement gives them their orderly structure.

The molecular structure of each crystal is different, but takes on an orderly, mathematically precise array of molecules, which are densely packed together during formation. This stability ensures they react in precise, predictable ways, characteristic to each crystal group, to a wide variety of energy from sound, light, heat and pressure. They are also able to respond bio electronically to conscious thought and emotion.

As crystals each have their own electromagnetic charge, it is thought that they are able to communicate with the energy which flows in and around the human body. These healing vibrations from the crystal interact with the bodies electromagnetic field and energy centres to remove blockages, heal and restore a natural flow within the mind body and spirit.

Over time a crystal is formed by the minerals and elements within the earth, different minerals create different crystals, formed in an organised fashion, a crystal creates its own energy field in and around it, which is transferred to the person who is using it. The more a crystal is used, it creates an electrical charge, containing potential energy, which when used along with positive intention, can bring about healing powers for the user.